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Best Practice Data Providers for Underwater Asset Management

Techniques for capturing and providing data to allow you to assess the condition of your underwater assets are evolving rapidly right now. The focus of Roving Intelligence is to continually remain on top of the best equipment and people to ensure we can provide you with the best data available at any given time. 

Performance Budgeting is about what you don’t spend your money on too.

One of the greatest advantages of being provided with the best available data is your ability to reduce unnecessary repairs and hold off on work that may be done before the serviceable life of the asset has been realized. This allows your budget to be allocated to the exact areas that need attention with the result of a reduced risk profile at a lower cost.

Continuous Improvement Practices to ensure you are always at the forefront.

We assess and introduce innovative technology, as and when it becomes available, and apply it using the proven expertise of experienced specialised engineers and professional divers. This ensures you will reduce your risk profile whilst reducing the time, money, and resources you apply to this area.

Simple fully expensed fee at a fixed price

Once we have agreed on a program and schedule suitable for your situation, we provide the data capture and supply at a known fixed price. Your financial controller will appreciate that you can lock in known costs in at least one part of your asset management program.

Accurate data delivered to you in the format you require.

We schedule the surveys to your criteria and provide the data in the format you require.

No equipment to purchase, depreciate or maintain.

We continually update and supersede our equipment to remain the industry leader so you will never have old or outdated processes.

How does the Roving Intelligence process WORK?


key services

Geospatially referenced HD and UHD video and still imagery

Forward facing UHD camera that can tilt up/down

Wharf pile, sheet pile, sea wall, outfall & sacrificial anode inspections

Vessel inspections, general condition, propeller, rudders, anodes etc.

3D models / Photogrammetry

Imaging Sonar and Scanning Sonar for inspections in low or zero visibility.

The ROVing Intelligence philosophy ensures you always have the highest quality and latest data for optimising management decisions in your underwater asset or ecological environment.

Techniques for capturing and providing data to allow you to assess the condition of your underwater assets are evolving rapidly right now. Roving Intelligence will continually provide you with the best technology and people to ensure you have the latest methods ofasset and environment management at your fingertips.

About Us

Australian Owned.

Roving Intelligence is an Australian based company, located and operated from Australia.

a philosophy of providing you with the best
  • We are dedicated to getting the best results rather than focusing on any one method of getting things done.
  • We support traditional methods, using professional divers and engineers , whilst embracing new technology to improve the quality of your data thereby enabling you to make better decisions.
  • The Australian made ROV’s we use are continually being upgraded with new hardware and software so you can be assured you always have the best data available at any time.
Experienced in existing and new technology.
  • Our team have decades of experience in underwater asset management.
  • We have over 20+ years of UAV and ROV/AUV experience ROV's are designed, developed, and constructed by ROVing Intelligence.
  • Each ROV pilot is fully trained to support all data gathering.
  • Our collective team has used UAV's and ROV's in ports, dams, open bodies of water, etc.

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